Wednesday, February 1, 2017

2016 a year of renewal- 2017 back with vigour!

Looking back to 2016, a huge year for me personally, a new job, moved house, renovated, engaged  and then married, a new BMW, then a month in Bavaria Germany for our honeymoon, so wargaming has taken a back seat really, maybe 20 games for the year and very low production off the table.

So far this year, I headed off to Cancon for a bit of a spending spree, first time in three years, planning on attending the Company of dice club on the first Sunday of the month and Cumberland on the second, then possibly Goulburn on the fourth when I can.

However lots planned this year on the painting desk, a simpler list and possibly more realistic, returning to my first passion Napoleonics as my main focus.

1. Dutch 20mm army (started blogging on my ww2 blog for this already)
2. Lewes knights and seargeants 100 of the buggers and more infantry
3. 28mm French Napoleonics several batns of infantry and regiments of cavalry 150 figures
4. Russian Napoleonics brand new army infantry to start with, planned two regiments plus oddments 240 odd figures.
5. 20mm modern, mix of west Germans, Iraqis and Russians.
6. 28mm 5th BC Greeks
7. 20mm waffen SS and Fallschirmjager
8. Saxon Napoleonics using Calpe miniatures
9. Napoleonic Naval 1/1200th
10. 1/1200th Spanish American war fleets ( no idea why, I just like them)
11 28mm Renaissance Italio-French
12. 28mm WOTR

Some commissions being done also
1. Spartans
2. Byzantine
3. Romans
4. Moderns

But try not to do much more than that

Plus other bits and bobs as I travel along.happy gaming and modelling


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